Just a few years ago, home automation was for the uber-rich who installed expensive and vastly complicated systems to be able to partially automate their luxury villas and condos. Even then, the technology wasn’t up to the mark to call these homes a true ‘smart’ home.

Fast forwarding to the present; the technology has caught up, the prices have come down, and today, almost anyone with a decent budget can install simple home automation devices to make their homes smarter than ever. What was once thought to be a thing of the distant future as shown in movies and TV shows, is the present and very much within reach of the average consumer.

But, the big question still remains: Do you really need home automation systems? What exactly will they do to make your lives easier? Do they offer any significant upgrades over normal, old-school homes?

To answer these questions, we need to see the top 3 ways in which home automation systems can change our lives for good:

Remote Security:

You are away on vacation, and someone breaks into your house and makes a gateway with all your valuables and important stuff. To make matters worse, you live in a semi-secluded area with no neighbors to be able to see the robbery in progress and alert you of the same. The above scenario is virtually impossible when you have a smart home security system and cameras in place, one that can send you a text alert or phone notification if someone manages to mess up with your house. You can immediately call the cops while being hundreds of miles away, all with just the tap of a few buttons, and the robber would have no idea what’s coming for him.

Smart Safety:

Home automation systems also consist of smart, fingerprint-based or pin-based locks, with keys becoming a thing of past. You can gain access to your home with a swipe of your thumb, without worrying about misplacing keys. Other safety devices such as smoke detectors and motion sensors can also quickly alert you of any impending danger, so that you can immediately take action to prevent any costly damages. There are even heat-sensing CCTV cameras that can alert you of any unwanted visitors in your backyard or the front door, even in the darkest nights. Safety is truly first-class when all the proper devices are used with all of them interconnected with each other.

Energy Saving:

Smart home automation devices can save a lot of energy, bringing down your electricity bills in the long run. Motion sensing lights turn on only when someone enters the room, resulting in lower energy consumption. Smart speakers go into sleep mode when not used for a long time, and immediately activate when needed. A fully interconnected smart electrical system can even be operated via a smartphone, allowing you to remotely turn off electrical appliances and light bulbs when you are out, resulting in greater savings in electricity bills and no chances of any random lights running by mistake.

Home automation offers so many advantages, which is basically like ‘missing out on the good things’ if you still don’t have any of these in place. As advertised, home automation truly makes our life much easier, safer and efficient, allowing us to focus only on thing that matter.