Interested in home automation in Dallas? Talk to the experts at Frontline AVS.

Are you considering outfitting your house with home automation? In Dallas, the only people to call are the members of the experienced team at Frontline AVS. We have extensive experience automating homes, from wiring one remote to control all electronics in the house to fitting even more automated processes such as lights that adjust to the time of day.

When you were growing up watching the Jetsons, you probably stared in awe at their house — high above the city, robots cleaned their rooms, voices controlled the electronics, and everything was a snap away. The future is here (minus the talking robots!) when you have our friendly team install an automated system in your house.

We install:

Universal remotes:

These comprehensive controllers can operate lighting, stereo, radio, television, satellite, and even a fireplace, all from a centrally located and portable remote. Carry it with you from room to room, adjusting lighting and having the music follow you wherever you go. And now with some cable companies offering DVR on multiple TVs, you can use your remote to record a show on one TV and watch it elsewhere in the house.

Heating and cooling:

Control the heating and cooling of your home from anywhere in the house — and even remotely. With new technology available, you can use a smart phone to turn your heat on before you even get to the house, making sure it’s warm and toasty waiting for you.
A host of other automated functions.

So when you’re considering home automation in Dallas, call the industry specialists at Frontline AVS. We are standing by, ready to come in and tell you all about this exciting new technology.

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