Choosing the right audio and video systems is essential for an unparalleled home entertainment system. Whether it is just a set of televisions and speakers or a full-fledged home theater system that has a special room of its own complete with lights and plush couches, having a suitable set of audio and video devices can greatly enhance your media consumption experience.

Home Theaters & Media Rooms

If you want to set up a dedicated home theater system in your house, Frontline AVS will help you create the exact home theater set you are looking for. Frontline AVS will handle every aspect of the home theater, including audio video design and installation, setting up mood lighting, and handling of all the technical details to set up the perfect home theater system for you.

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Audio & Video Installation for Whole House

If you desire an audio video system that is spread out across your home, look no further! Frontline AVS brings in years’ of experience in setting up audio and video systems across your home for your convenience. We can also help you audio video design so that the installation is as efficient as possible, taking up minimal space and providing maximum output.

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TV Installations

Installation of your new flat screen television might seem like a chore, but not for us! No matter what type of installation you need for your TV: wall mount, ceiling mount, or any other mount you can think of, we will install it in perfect accordance with your room design, while making sure the TV feels right at home no matter wherever it is installed.

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