Integrating your home’s systems with easy-to-use touch panels and keypads is what the industry refers to as “home automation” or as a “smart home.”

Step One: Information Gathering

  • Defining the wants/needs of the client (i.e. home theater, lighting control, HVAC control, motorized shade control, iPod integration and security cameras)
  • Choosing which design and layout will convey the appropriate look, feel and functionality
  • Determining the details requested on the system
  • Gathering information and plans

Step Two: Architecture and Design

  • Designing approximate layout of space based on architect’s drawings and seeking feedback
  • Finalizing the design and approval on it
  • Creating a well thought out design with functionality for each component

Step Three: Production and Installation

  • Transforming design layouts into a final, working product (i.e. elevations, flows, material specification)
  • Meeting with General Contractor and Electrical Contractor
  • Assigning project to our in-house Project Manager to supervise needs
  • Deployment of technicians to install and test display and control devices