Technology has played a pivotal role in making our fast-paced lives easier and hassle-free. 

The past decades have witnessed several strides in home technology. From a point where we relied on corded phones to talk, we can now use smartphones to control and manage our entire home. 

Smart home technology has surely changed the way we interact with our home and appliances. 

But what is smart home automation? And why is it such a big deal? 

Let’s delve into the rise of smart home automation, along with its key benefits. 

The Growing Importance of Smart Home Automation

Home automation refers to the building automation for a home, commonly known as a smart home. A smart home automation system includes devices like lighting, thermostats, and entertainment systems. Some modern-day systems also include home security features, like alarm systems and access control. 

Smart home automation works on Internet of Things (IoT) technology. All the devices in a system connect to a central hub or gateway, usually a mobile application. The user can, therefore, control the entire home automation system with his smartphone. 

The rise of smart home automation

The global home automation market is expected to surge to $114 billion by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 12.1% in the 2017-2025 forecast period. 

The primary driving factor of this growth is the increasing use of the internet and the adoption of IoT. In developed countries, IoT has become a part of daily lives. People are utilizing IoT to access interconnected devices, including televisions, thermostats, lighting systems, and smartphones. 

Increasing home security concerns are another driver of the growth of smart home automation. According to the FBI, a burglary happens every 26 seconds. This means more than two burglaries per minute and more than 3,300 burglaries every day. Smart home automation has emerged as a reliable solution to property break-ins. Homeowners can control their home security systems and can access their homes anytime and from anywhere. 

Lastly, increasing disposable income and a growing preference for a luxurious lifestyle is also igniting the adoption of smart home automation. Home automation makes your lifestyle better and more convenient. Therefore, premium real estate developers include smart home automation as a key feature in their properties. 

The United States is the largest consumer of smart home technology in the world, with a market volume of $23.5 billion. A study conducted from a Swedish Research Firm, Berg Insight, suggested that 63 million American homes will qualify as smart by 2022.

Benefits of Smart Home Automation

If you’ve come across home automation for the first time, it may seem like a nifty way to keep up with the latest technology. And let’s face it; controlling windows and doors with your smartphone sounds cool. 

But there are some amazing practical benefits of smart home automation. These include:

1. Manage home appliances from one place

As discussed, home automation makes your life more convenient. You can interconnect all the devices in your home and control them through one interface. If you’ve forgotten to turn off the fan in the other room, you no longer need to go to the room to turn it off. All it takes is a click in your smart home mobile application. 

2. Remote control home

Smart home automation allows you to control your home’s functions from a distance. Imagine finishing work and leaving for home on a scorching day. You’ll have to reach home, turn on the A/C, and wait for a few minutes for it to show effect. 

With home automation, you can reduce the temperature of your house at the comfort of your workplace or taxi. So, by the time you reach home, it’ll already be at the desired temperature. You can also use this function to turn on the water heater or preheat your oven. 

3. Flexibility in using new devices

Smart home systems are flexible and can seamlessly accommodate new appliances and devices. No matter how cutting-edge appliances you may have today, their upgrades will come a couple of years later. 

Home automation systems are built for the future. They enable you to replace your older devices with newer ones without undergoing complex upgrade mechanisms. 

4. Better appliance functionality

Smart home automation can help you unleash the true potential of your home appliances. For example, a smart over can help you cook the perfect chicken without worrying about undercooking or overcooking it. A smart home theater system can adjust its brightness as per the light conditions in the room. A smart thermostat can adjust the temperature according to the external climate conditions. 

5. Enhanced home security

Smart home automation allows you to ramp-up your home security. Smart homes come equipped with a myriad of security options. For instance, you can connect to motion detectors, automated door locks, and surveillance cameras to get a 24×7, 360-degree view of your property. As soon as something goes wrong, the system will alert you, so you can act promptly. 

6. In-depth home management insights

Have you ever wondered how often you watch TV? Or how often your son plays video games or your daughter watches Netflix? Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to monitor the usage of every home appliance? Well, it’s possible with smart home automation. 

A smart home system records usage of every device and appliance interconnected in the network. All these insights are then organized and made available on the smart home application on your smartphone. From this data, you can get a detailed insight into the usage patterns and habits. 

Why Choose Frontline AVS for home automation?

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Wrapping up

In a nutshell, smart home automation helps you gain better control over your home. Now, you no longer need to worry if you forgot to turn off the lights or lock the door. You can simply open your smart home app and control every appliance in your home. In all, it gives you peace of mind. 

Yet, most people think twice before implementing home automation, primarily because they think the installation process is too complex. 

With a home automation company like Frontline AVS, you can fulfill your dream of owning a smart home.