When building your own home entertainment system, it is absolutely necessary to get it right the first time, for a second rebuilding can be a huge time and money sink. The right components can make or break your home theatre settings, so it is essential to have a plan in mind before getting started on shopping for the necessary peripherals. You do not want your equipment to be too underpowered or overpowered, as achieving the right configuration is all-important for the most immersive experience possible.

It is highly recommended to get professional help from any of the audio video installation firms in Dallas for a straightforward installation of your components.

The Video Systems

We all know that “the bigger, the better” is the usual way to go when shopping for a compatible television. However, a bigger TV is not always right in all occasions, especially when it comes to small rooms. Sure, they will fit well in halls and big rooms, but will look awkward in small rooms.

There is a simple formula for calculating the perfect size of the TV based on your viewing distance. First of all, measure the distance of your couch from the wall or table where the TV is to be set up, in inches. This data is called viewing distance.

For example, if your viewing distance is 120 inches, the TV size should be 120/3 = 40 inches. Use this data to get the right TV for your room.

The Audio Systems

As with the TV, even audio systems need to be integrated properly. An expansive audio setup will be too loud for small rooms, and small speakers will be insufficient for big rooms and halls. If you have a room big enough for 40 inch TV, then you should get a 5.1 surround speaker set, whereas for larger rooms, 7.1 will be the perfect fit. Always choose the best speaker brands to ensure that your speaker last long enough. Plus, speakers from top brands like Sony, Harman Audio, JBL, Bose and other critically acclaimed brands for the best sound experience.


If you get the right mix of audio and video, the experience will be like no other. While you can set up the components yourself, we recommend you to get the help of experienced audio video professionals in Dallas for a smoother and error-free setup.