Control4 automation

Smart homes and home automation systems are increasing in popularity with each passing day, for they make life so much easier and convenient, not to mention the increased security of your home and immersive entertainment for you and your family. Among the many home automation providers, Control4 has been one of the best home automation providers with their award-winning smart devices and smart home systems. Presence of Control4 automation in Dallas, Frisco, and Plano via official resellers means they are readily available for anyone living in these areas.

Control4’s Flagship OS for the Ultimate Smart Home System

One of the crucial components of a reliable and flawless home automation system is the presence of good and versatile software, and Control4 takes the cake with their impressive custom made OS, called Smart Home OS 3. It is the central control system of their home automation systems and is ahead of their closest competitors owing to a variety of useful features which are discussed below.

Connectivity to Smart Devices

One of the major selling points of Smart Home OS 3 is its unprecedented connectivity options. Control4 has apps available for phones and tablets, and they also provide touchscreen devices for centrally controlling all your connected devices. The seamless integration between the OS and its mobile apps is highly convenient, for you can pick up right from where you left, even when switching devices. The control scheme for lighting, home entertainment systems, cameras, smart locks, and thermostats is available across all the devices mentioned.

Media and Personalization

Everyone loves personalization, and Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 ensures that you can have your fill of customization by adding the ability to change wallpapers of each and every room individually. Of course, it is not the ‘wall’ paper we are talking about, for the ability to change that with a touch of a button is yet to be developed. However, you can change the wallpaper of the media control tablet and television of each room individually, keeping it in tune with the room’s décor and style. It also offers advanced media playback systems, by which you can play music throughout the house using a central playback system, via the smart tablet, smartphone or your smart TV. The playback screen offers an active media bar that shows the name of the track currently playing, playlists, album art, track details including the quality of the song, along with the usual play, pause and skips buttons. You can also adjust the volume of music in each room individually using the central volume sliding controls.

Intuitive Status Icons

Most of our modern smartphones have live icons that show the status of the app on the icon itself. For example, in Apple iPhones, live icons indicate the weather, date, time and flashlight status on the icons of their respective apps at a glance, making it easier for you to get basic information from the icon status itself. Similarly, Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 provides active icons that show you the status of individual devices and options. For example, the lock icon is dynamic, as an unlock icon means the door is unlocked, whereas a locked icon means the door is locked. A raised shutter icon means your garage door is open, whereas a closed shutter means your garage door is closed. A stationary fan icon means the fan is off, whereas a rotating fan icon means it is on. A glowing light bulb icon means the light is on in that particular room, whereas a basic bulb icon means light is off. You can press these icons to get into more details and modify their status.

A Central Control System for All

The Smart Home OS 3 has every possible smart device connected to the system in one central home screen. You can control and view your CCTV camera status, door locks, smart lighting systems, thermostats, fans, garage doors, smart window blinds, media playback and many more depending on the options you choose. The OS also facilitates adding of your favorite media apps on your home screen, under the favorite category. You can add popular apps such as Netflix and Spotify on the home screen itself, allowing you to play any media on any screen present all-around your home, as long as they are connected to the central home system. The same functionality is also available on your smart TV, and on touchscreen pads, tablets and smartphones via their official app. You can also rename the rooms when needed, and adjust all your favorite rooms according to the frequency of usage. For example, the most used room for media probably will be living room and bedroom, and so on.

Control4’s revolutionary home OS makes life easy for those who install it, and the potential is virtually limitless as you can add a number of devices to it to make it smarter. If you are looking for such a smart home system, you can contact Frontline AVS, your local Control4 automation providers in Dallas, Frisco, and Plano.